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Crete, mediterranean pearl from east to west – Part 2

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One of the constants during our visit to Crete was the clear skie, the beautiful sunshine and a warm weather that encouraged us every morning to leave the hotel and dive on one of the hundreds of beaches that Crete has to offer. Hotels in Crete are not expensive, and indeed, we  picked one that was only 20 meters from the Mediterranean Sea (We stayed at Elektra Beach Hotel), in a quiet and very beautiful part of Kalamaki Port, a suburb of Chania (Χανιά), with a fishing port centered on a magnificent chapel in Greek style and where the sunset is truly magnificent.

Sunset in Kalamaki Port

On our second day, the plan was easy to define, because our destination is one of the best-known references on the island of Crete: Elafonissi beach (Ελαφονήσι). To get there, we had to cross the island from north to south and the change in the landscape becomes obvious as soon as we leave Kissamos and go into the innermost regions of Crete. Around here, we left behind the semi-deserted plains and entered the great canyons that mark the center of Crete, with dense and humid forests and small villages nestled in the mountains. Along the way, there are small workshops of craftsmen and shops where you can buy olive oil from the island, honey, and the traditional drink, raki.

Approximately 1h30 minutes later we arrive at the beach and we are totally amazed! The central sandbank, populated with sun hats made of palm leaf, is surrounded by crystal clear water, in a clearly paradisiacal scenery. We then rented a sunbed for € 9 (common price on the beaches of the island) and spent the day there, alternating between swiming in those warm waters and relaxing with this sea as background. It should be noted that although this beach is known for its pink sand, we did not notice It as much as it is often presented in the photos, although at some points on the beach there are more pink sandbanks than usual.

Descobrir Creta
Praia de Elafonissi
Descobrir Creta
Praia de Elafonissi (2)

Still on the same day, we wanted to explore some of the areas east of Chania and what we saw left us even more in love with this island! All the way is surrounded with beautiful beaches on the left, only interrupted in their extension by typical fishing villages, with a typical Cretan architecture and traditions, such as the art of octopus drought, as we saw in Plaka. Our small end-of-day expedition ended at Georgioupoli (Γεωργιούπολη), a village with houses full of flowers, pleasant gardens, typical Greek taverns and of course, the biggest surprise of this place, the chapel of Agios Nikolaus, which although small, presents as white and imposing building, in the middle of the sea, as we are used to see in beautiful postcards.


Agios Nikolaus chapel Georgioupoli

Almost in Plaka!

On this day we finished with a dinner in the old town of Chania where we were greeted with the surprise of seeing a turtle that entered the Bay of Chania and looked lost, but quickly found its way back to the sea. Later we will talk about the Greek gastronomy, and of course, the peculiarities of the Cretan cuisine. In the next post, we go to Rhetymno and finish our script on the island of Crete.


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