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Amsterdam in 3 days – What to visit (Part 1)

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Known as the European sin city, Amsterdam has a reputation of being a city only for those looking for nightlife or for those who want to try marijuana, but our visit to this Dutch city has proven us the exact opposite, and that is what we also want Show you!

We visited Amsterdam in the fall, and we thoroughly recommend the visit in this time of the year! The city is filled with golden hues that later combine with the blue water of the canals and with the architecture typically in brick or darker shades. We did the go trip with TAP and the coming trip with Transavia, and both trips were extremely enjoyable. In terms of accommodation, the price to pay is generally higher than other European cities if you pick an hotel, but it is still possible to find good options in hostels or Airbnb (See booking.com)

Moving on to the best attractions…


This is one of those museums that puts in one single space the artistic history of a country, in this case the Netherlands. Here we have found works from different periods of history, with special emphasis on the paintings by Rembrandt, Vermeer and Ruisdael. There are frequent references to important moments in Dutch history and we recomend the room dedicated to the Dutch navy, with several pictures portraying the main naval battles that marked the history of the country.

One of the highlights of the museum is the library, with fully lined, book-filled bookcases that extend from floor 0 to floor 3 giving a truly fantastic view. If you just want to relax and enjoy reading a book, the museum cafe is very good and offers a unique atmosphere, in a highly harmonious and pleasant modern architecture. The ticket price is € 17.50, with a discount for young European card holders. You can make the reservation here.


Visitar Amesterdão em 3 dias
Vista para o museu
Visitar Amesterdão em 3 dias
Entrada do Rijskmuseum
Biblioteca do Rijskmuseum
Visitar Amesterdão em 3 dias
O famoso quadro - A leiteira


As we are both fans of parks and gardens, we couldn’t miss visiting the main park of the city of Amsterdam: The Vondel Park. Although not one of the main attractions of the city, this is clearly a must-see place for any visitor. We found a park with extensive gardened areas, extremely well cared and with flowers that fill the eye. It is possible to rent bicycles to ride the total distance of the park, which is still significant, but we prefered to cross the park on foot and this allowed us to discover the main places that this park hides, with small lakes, artificial rivers and truly quiet places where we found time for us to reflect and relax. The entrance is free and can be made by various venues. So, we advise you to enter on the Van Baelestraat street because it is the one we did, with a route that really surprised us!

Lake in Vondelpark

Anne Frank House

Unfortunately for the course of history, the Anne Frank House is a place steeped in symbolism and meaning and we did not want to miss it. This is the house where Anne Frank wrote much of her diary. Being able to see with our own eyes the details Anne describes is a unique experience.

Inside the house you can see the famous shelf that hid the hiding place and also the photos of the family members decorating the walls. It is also in this house that the original diary is exposed and there is also a room where documentaries on the father of Anne Frank, which allowed this story to come to the knowledge of the World, (Otto Frank) are transmitted and about Miep Gies, the Austrian woman who helped the family. This is one of the most visited attractions in Amsterdam, so we advise you to book your ticket online (You can do it here). The cost is 9 € and the visit lasts 30 minutes, but unfortunately it is not possible to take photos. So if you love history, like us, this is one of those places you have to visit!

Estátua em homenagem a Anne Frank
Sinal na entrada da casa de Anne Frank

In order to move between these places, we mainly used the public transport network, especially the tram, which is extremely efficient and punctual (We advise you to buy the city card for 72 hours for € 84) and we also made big distances on foot. The city is quite flat, safe and there is ease of movement of pedestrians (Just be careful with Bicycles !!!).

In the next post we continue our itinerary through the city and we also talk about some less known places that are still worth visiting !!


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