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Flight Search Engines – Which one is the best?

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With the massification and diversification of search engines for flights, the offer has increased exponentially, but this also increased the difficulty in knowing which one to use to get the best prices and above all, which to use without having surprises at the time of payment.

For this analysis, we selected some of the top sites available and wanted to test the same situation on all of them so that the comparison could be direct and the conditions of analysis similar. Considering the following situation:

We want to book a one-way flight, departing on October 4, 2018 and returning to October 6, 2018, from Lisbon to Brussels.


Momondo is a Danish company that greatly simplifies the search for flights and Hotels. One of the main advantages of this site is that it also aggregates the offerings of other flight search engines and presents a very intuitive interface that facilitates the quick comparison of prices and the choice of the days with the lowest price.

In our test, the lowest price presented for the flight in question was a Ryanair flight for € 76. In the end, after many commercial offers that would raise the price, and paying by credit card, the final price was 88 €.


Edreams has been increasingly affirming in recent years as one of the references when it comes to booking flights and comparing prices. The site interface is intuitive and appealing. After research, a downside is that there are prominent offers like “Best Deals” but they are not the cheapest or those with the least scales. This may confuse those who want to book flights and make it difficult to choose the cheapest flight.

For the same flight in question, the price shown is € 69. At the end, after selecting the flat rate without any other additional services, the price to pay is € 100.


The search engine Rumbo is already a classic of those who intend to compare prices for flights, and has been on the market for some years. Lately, it looks like it’s been a bit overlooked, but we still wanted to include it in this comparison. The interface is simple and although not as appealing as the previous ones, it fulfills its function.

The price for the flight we have been using as a comparator is € 59.60. The final price to pay was € 87, that is, a very significant difference from the price presented initially.

Google Flights

Google’s flight search engine has a simple but very intuitive interface. Easy to access and use anywhere, we wanted to see if there would be a significant difference in the reservation price using this site. An important point is that while the reservations made on previously reviewed sites are completed on the search engine site, in the case of google flights, this process is completed on the airline’s website.

In this case, the price presented for the Ryanair flight was € 54. To make payment we are forwarded to the airline’s website. Again, the use of credit card for the payment has raised the price to 60 €, still the cheapest price of this comparison.


As we have seen, the price often presented differs from the actual price to pay, largely due to the payment rates with credit cards. This effect is possibly more attenuated in flag companies.

For the overall evaluation of price, accessibility and interface, the best option is to use Google Flights, with the most affordable prices and the lowest disparity between the presented and the price to pay, and alternatively to Momondo, for the highly informative interface and existence application for smartphone.


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