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The alternative Lisbon at LxFactory

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We have recently read that the city of Lisbon is the new Berlin. Having already been in Berlin, we can say that this comparison does not make much sense, because they are cities that have little or nothing in common, however, in this corner of Lisbon, this apparent similarity materializes in a unique space full of good and relaxed moments , that allow us to enjoy life to the fullest. We talk about LxFactory!

We wanted to write about this place, not for the fame it has, but for the good things it offers to discover and for presenting an offer so different from the one we are accustomed to see in Lisbon. Occupying the old buildings of the Industrial Company of Portugal and the Colonies and the Typography Anuário de Portugal, the architectural style of the place takes us to travel until the height of the industrial period of the XX century, with its high warehouses, extensive walls and metal stairs which fill the facades of the tallest buildings.

Lisboa Alternativa
Entrada principal da LxFactory
Lisboa Alternativa
Entrada secundária da LxFactory

Making a summary of what you can find in this complex:

Bookstore Ler Devagar

This is one of those places where we can easily spend a few minutes just looking at what is in front of us, as it is so different and fantastic. This is one of those bookstores that would be famous anywhere in the World, but fortunately, it is here so close in Lisbon. Inside the old typography, and where it is still possible to visit the machines that once gave life to the place, we now find books, thousands of them, arranged on large shelves that fill the ground floor and the first floor.

The atrium of this place becomes even more fascinating when above us we find a suspended bicycle that seems to defy all the sobriety of the place and sometimes to carry some of the radical spirit that predominates in the LxFactory. Here you can find new and old books at great prices.

If you would like to read while driking a coffee, there is also a very pleasant space where you can make a good break, away from confusion and surrounded by old machines and books.

Lisboa Alternativa - LxFactory
Bicicleta suspensa no átrio de entrada
Lisboa Alternativa - LxFactory
Um dos grandes corredores
Lisboa Alternativa - LxFactory
Vista para o bar e para as máquinas
Lisboa Alternativa - LxFactory
Aquele Cantinho

Retro Shop

Hidden in a nook is one of our favorite LxFactory stores. Retroshop is one of those places where we can easily acquire or exchange products that have marked other times, but which still remain interesting from a design, decoration or leisure point of view. Here we found neon panels, turntables, kitchen utensils that remind us of our grandparents’ house, among many other things.

Most of the products are urban style, punk or revival. The entrance to the store is made from a nook with painted murals and whose surroundings take us easily to any alley, perhaps in New York! Do not miss exploring the various shops on the ground floor of the main building and if you find stairs or elevators open, let yourself be lost at this location. We guarantee it will be worth it!


Mural junto à Retroshop

Rio Maravilha

At the highest point of the complex is the Rio Maravilha restaurant and bar. After climbing several flights of stairs in an industrial environment with windows filled with graffiti and stickers  and after passing a thick “door” of tapes as we were and entering the butcher, we arrived at the strange but fascinating Rio Maravilha bar and restaurant .

The bar area is extravagant, with a cosmopolitan punk style, wide tables and chairs, dim lights but with bright colors and vintage furniture. We can’t fail to notice the large heavy-duty furniture where you can still read in the drawers “Portuguese Neurological Act, 1960”.

We highlight the terrace, with a fantastic view of the 25 de Abril bridge and the Alcantara area and one of the most relaxed places to have a drink in the afternoon, with pleasant music and in an environment less usual! The only less positive point we have to point out are the prices, clearly higher for what ordinary Portuguese is usually willing to pay. Still, we totally recommend the space!

Vista do terraço do Rio Maravilha

Wall paintings / Street vendors

The entire LxFactory complex is populated with murals and paintings that animate the façades of buildings that were long abandoned but now full of life. Curiously, most murals contain written messages, alluding to a more rebellious spirit, so in line with the location. We also found here some of the best graffiti in Lisbon, with vivid colors and sublime messages.

In the main streets of LxFactory we also find several vendors, with products ranging from clothing to cameras from the beginning of the 19th century. We also suggest that you visit the various national product stores as well as the various cafés and terraces that populate the whole complex.

Lisboa alternativa - Lxfactory
Rua preenchida de bancas de vendedores
Lisboa alternativa - Lxfactory
Mural 1
Lisboa alternativa - Lxfactory
Mural 2
Lisboa alternativa - Lxfactory
Mural 3

There are more places worth visiting inside the complex and, above all, small shops and galleries that proliferate almost weekly, somewhat in the hustle and bustle of the spirit of modernization that seems to be in Lisbon and with a proliferation of more and more StartUps and creative businesses.

We spent a beautiful afternoon at this place and certainly it will always be one of our options for a good late afternoon or for dinner in a different environment in one of the many quality restaurants that also opened doors in this place. Do not forget to visit Lxfactory and discover a hidden and different Lisbon!


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